My Maltipoo Max has been going to stay with Michelle for over five years now.  Max has also had a few stays with Tina when Michelle was out of town when they both owned their own companies. I have never been disappointed with the awesome care that Max gets when staying with these two dog loving ladies.  Now that Michelle & Tina run The Dog Biscuit Inn, my Max gets double the love every time.  Max was one of their first customers at the Inn and from all the pictures & video’s the ladies send me when I am traveling, I would have to say Max is one happy customer.  He is well fed, sleeps in a comfy bed every night and gets plenty of exercise throughout the day.  The Dog Biscuit Inn is run from the heart and you can tell the owners love what they do, your furry little best friend will enjoy his/her stay at the Inn and will want to come back again & again.

Anne L - Rancho Bernardo

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Whenever my husband and I have to go out of town, we always leave our Maltese “Charlie" with Michelle.  I know that he will be well cared for and loved the same as her own dogs.  “Charlie” loves to stay with Michelle and her dogs and gets so excited when he realizes that’s where we’re going.  I have been leaving “Charlie” with Michelle for the past 6 yrs. and have never had to worry about his safety or well being.  Thank you for always taking such good care of my sweet Maltese.

​Sharon K - La Mesa

Dog Daycare - Dog boarding San Diego & Poway area