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Tina has owned various pets all of her life; birds, cats, dogs, a rabbit and fish.  She currently has two beautiful cats named Juane Tom and Mewsette. Also a beautiful, gental and loving black Lab named Paddington. Tina is a current volunteer with Labrador Harbor, Labrador Rescuers and she has volunteered in the past with various other animal rescue organizations.  One of Tina's hobbies is photography and her favorite subjects are her client's pets.

The Dog Biscuit Inn is not a huge corporation or chain just a place created to be a fun, safe, home-like environment for your dogs. We are grateful to each and every one of our clients who have allowed us the privilege of loving and caring for your pets.  We hope you enjoy being able to travel knowing your dogs are having a great time.
We Specialize in Top Quaility Service
The Dog Biscuit Inn provides the highest quality of professional, responsible pet care services. We provide safe, supportive care that promotes the health and happiness of your pet. Your peace of mind is our top priority. The Dog Biscuit Inn is the most loving, fun environment for small dogs and we would be pleased to let you speak with some of our long term clients.

The Dog Biscuit Inn was founded by two good friends who formerly ran their own pet sitting and small dog boarding companies. 

Tina ran Paws at Home of Poway for over fifteen years. With her love of pets evident and her desire to provide exceptional customer service she thrived. 
In fact she outgrew her space and the search was on for a larger facility. She dreamed of more land for larger play areas and to stay true to her ideals of making a dog feel at home and never like they were at a kennel when their owners went away.
She designed the new facility and spent many months helping to build it.  Slowly her dream came true and The Dog Biscuit Inn was born.